Teen Adoption Options

An unexpected teen pregnancy can create a very emotional time. Deciding how to handle a teen pregnancy, and what choice will be best for you and your baby is difficult. This article discusses teen adoption options. Keep reading to see what types of adoptions are available to teens.

If you are experiencing a teen pregnancy, or someone you know is, it is important to understand that adoption may be an option. Many teenagers choose to allow their children to be adopted, understanding that they may not be emotionally, physically and financially ready to raise a child at this time. Instead, they opt to give their child to another family who may be a position to provide a better future for their child. This can be a difficult decision, as well as one fraught with emotions and concerns. This why it is important to understand the options available for adoption.  

Types of adoptions

When considering teen adoption options, it is important to understand the basics of the two main types of adoption:

  1. Open
  2. Closed

An open adoption is one in which the birth mother is known to the child, and to the adopted parents. An open adoption is usually one in which the birth mother retains some sort of contact with the child. This might be in the form of letters or occasional visits. In other cases, an open adoption just clears the way for the child to easily identify and contact his or her birth family if he or she wants. There are different degrees of openness. Many teenagers prefer to have minimal contact. However, it can be helpful to a child to have contact with both sets of parents, just so that he or she is not confronted with the reality of adoption later. However, many birth mothers find the prospect too painful, and prefer to have little contact and allow the child to grow and develop independently with the love of the adoptive parents.

A closed adoption is one in which the records of the birth family are sealed. In many cases, the birth father isn’t even listed on the birth certificate. The record of the birth mother is not accessible to the adopted family or the child. In any case, a closed adoption is one in which the birth mother does not wish to be known to the child. These days, with the Internet, and with agencies that can do some tracking down of the birth family, it is possible for children to find their birth mothers. 

Choosing an adoptive family

Another feature of adoptions these days is that the birth mother can often choose whom she want to give the child to. There are cases in which a teen can look of adoption options for the child, and choose a couple or family that they think will provide an experience that the birth mother feels will be best for the child. Many agencies arrange interviews between the birth mother and candidates for being adoptive parents. Even if interviews aren’t arranged, it is usually possible for birth mothers to look at pictures and profiles of possible adoptive parents.

When a teen is looking into these types of adoption options, some of the things that they might take into account include:

  • Stability of the marriage.
  • Financial situation of the couple.
  • Ability to care for a child.
  • Desire for a child.
  • Ability to love an adopted child.

In the end, there are many teen adoption options, and different ways to approach adoption. What is important, though, is that the child is loved and well cared for.

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