Pregnancy Quizzes

For women about to become pregnant or those who are already pregnant, pregnancy quizzes are a great way to help you assess your symptoms to see if you might be pregnant. Pregnancy quizzes are also a fun and helpful way for those early in pregnancy to speculate on the gender of their baby.

For women who think they might be pregnant or are trying to get pregnant, having access to a pregnancy quiz to help you narrow down your signs and symptoms to determine if you might be pregnant or not can be a helpful tool to use especially if it is still too early to get a positive pregnant test, or if you don't want to waste money on buying tons of pregnant tests if there is no chance if you are pregnant. Assessing a woman's symptoms during the second half (luteal phase) of her menstrual cycle is a good way to determine if she might be pregnant or not. Keep reading to take our pregnancy quizzes.

You might be pregnant if:

  • You are more than a week late for your period
  • You are experiencing slight cramping or twinges in your lower abdomen
  • Your breasts are tender and/or have dark areolas
  • Your gum bleed when you brush or floss
  • You're experiencing frequent urination
  • You feel more tired than usual
  • There is nausea and/or vomiting
  • You and your partner had unprotected sexual intercourse
  • You are feeling more emotional than usual
  • There is an increase in vaginal secretions
  • You're experiencing frequent headaches
  • You've had any dizzy spells
  • Your face is experiencing breakouts 
  • You feel bloated or have cramping
  • Your lower back aches
  • You have trouble sleeping

If you are experiencing at least half or more of the above-listed symptoms, there is a chance you might be pregnant based on the information from our pregnancy quiz. If you have answered yes to the majority of these questions, it is time to take a pregnancy test. It is important to remember than many PMS symptoms are also similar to what women experience in the early stages of pregnancy, so it is important to wait until you actually have missed your period by a few days or more to test for a positive pregnancy test. There are early response pregnancy tests on the market that are more sensitive and can potentially pick up the HCG hormone (pregnancy hormone) before a missed period happens. However, many of these pregnancy tests are not as sensitive as they claim. In addition, stress, sickness and other factors can cause a woman to delay ovulation, which will in turn delay her period. That is why it is important to wait for a few days after missing your period before you assume you might be pregnant. Even if you suspect you are pregnant, however, be careful to not engage in behaviors that might be harmful to a growing fetus including drinking alcohol, smoking, doing drugs, taking over-the-counter and prescription medications and eating certain foods that can be dangerous during pregnancy.

Other pregnancy quizzes like gender determination quizzes are simply fun ways for expectant mothers to use old wives tales and other signs or speculation about what kind of gender the baby is before the woman can take her gender scan ultrasound. While these gender-guessing pregnancy quizzes are not 100 percent accurate, they are fun to help the new parents try to determine the sex of their baby. Based on these old wives tales, you might be carrying a boy baby if you didn't experience morning sickness in the first trimester, your baby's heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute. If you are carrying the baby high and outward from the belly and it looks like a basketball, you might be having a boy. If you crave meats, salt, protein-heavy foods, and your areolas have darkened considerably, you might be pregnant with a boy. Other signs for a boy include cold feet, dry hands, fast-growing hair on legs, pregnancy has you looking better than ever, your nose is spreading, you're having headaches and your urine is bright yellow might indicate you are having a boy. 

For those who might be pregnant with girls, according to pregnancy quizzes for gender, if you had morning sickness in the beginning of pregnancy, you might be having a girl. If the heart beat of the baby is above 140 beats per minute and if you are carrying the weight in your hips and rear, you might be pregnant with a baby girl. Those experiencing skin breakouts, carrying high, craving fruits, experiencing extreme mood changes and having dull colored urine, you might have a girl. 

Using these pregnancy quizzes to determine gender is not an accurate way to determine if you are having either gender over the other. However, they are a fun pregnancy quiz that you can take while pregnant to enjoy the guessing game to determine if you will have a baby girl or a baby boy.


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