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The purpose of this site is to help teens who believe they may be pregnant, and parents of adolescents who suspect their teenager may be pregnant, or becoming sexually active. Our website is designed to help educate on the statistics of teenage pregnancy and options for young mothers. Articles include prevention, sex education, abstinence, and abortion and adoption options.  Get help with unexpected early pregnancy and teenage parenting.

Teen Pregnancy Support
Teen pregnancy support is an important part of teen pregnancies. Pregnant teens and teenage moms need lots of support, including social and emotional, medical, and academic support. This article offers pregnant teens tips on where to go for help with teen pregnancy support.
Reasons for Teen Pregnancies
There are many reasons for teen pregnancies. Read this article to learn about some of the issues teenagers face relating to sex, dating, and pregnancy. Get ideas on how to educate and help prevent early pregnancy in adolescents by learning the reasons for teen pregnancies.
Sexually Active Teens
This article contains statistics on sexually active teens, information on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), benefits of abstinence, date rape statistics and help, and tips on dating safety. Keep reading for more education and information on sexually active teens.
Unplanned Pregnancy Statistics
Unplanned pregnancy statistics are unfortunately on the rise among adult and teen women. However, teen pregnancy rates seem to be leveling out, according to recent unplanned pregnancy statistics. About four in 10 pregnancies are unplanned in the United States, alone.